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EU Cigarettes

Marlboro Cigs
$ 47.00
Price per 1 carton
Parliament Cigs
$ 47.40
Price per 1 carton
$ 46.90
Price per 1 carton
$ 46.60
Price per 1 carton
Lucky Strike Cigs
$ 40.60
Price per 1 carton
Davidoff Cigs
$ 51.90
Price per 1 carton
$ 37.20
Price per 1 carton
$ 32.45
Price per 1 carton

Our contracts with the manufacturers allow us to sell cheap cigs. Our best offers include well-known quality brands, such as Marlboro Cigarettes and Camel Cigarettes, at discount prices.

Our business operates worldwide. We can deliver premium European quality cigarettes virtually anywhere.

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The Secret Life of Menthol

There's no other additional substance more relevant to the history of tobacco industry than menthol. Its uses are widespread, from menthol crystals for pipe smoking, to menthol cigarettes, to menthol additives. Menthol cigarettes are definitely the first that come to mind, because each and every important manufacturer and brand has developed at least one variety and most of them have advertised more than one over the course of the years.

Here is a list with a few menthol cigarettes that have become popular lately:

  • Marlboro Lights Menthol - This variety comes with a very strong menthol taste and it is generally suitable for young women.
  • Salem Green Label - Very popular in the Middle East and USA, this brand is mostly preferred by young men and women alike.
  • Kool Super Slims - An interesting combination of menthol and a progressive blend of tobaccos.
  • Camel Menthol - Not as popular as the regulars, these cigarettes are quite exquisite: they come with in very soft combination of taste and tar for a perfect smoking experience.
  • Vogue Menthol Superslims - This urban cigarette is enjoyed by young women in Canada, USA, and Japan.
  • Pall Mall Menthol - A classic combination of quality tobacco and medium-strong menthol.
  • Winchester Menthol - One of the most powerful menthol cigarettes on the market. The sensation is so strong that you can't really distinguish the natural taste of tobacco.

Apart from these brands, you should keep in mind that menthol is also used to enrich other secondary tastes (floral or contemporary minimalistic tastes) and to reduce the impact of the taste of natural tobacco to people who have just taken up smoking.

As a special note, you should keep in mind that, for people who smoke pipe tobacco, menthol is available as crystals: you place a few crystals at the bottom of the pipe and enjoy a completely fresh pipe all the way through.

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