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Gauloises Cigarettes

Gauloises Blue (Filter) Cigarettes pack
Minimum amount of cartons 3
Price $ 53.40
Gauloises Red (Lights) Cigarettes pack
Minimum amount of cartons 3
Price $ 53.40
Gauloises Yellow (Ultra Lights) Cigarettes pack
Minimum amount of cartons 3
Price $ 42.00

Gauloises is a strong and warm cigarette first manufactured in France and first appeared in the market in 1910. This brand is best known for its strong rich taste which was due to the dark tobacco used. The dark tobacco used to make this brand was imported from Turkey and Syria; this gave Gauloises the strong unique smell. In 1984 the raw materials were changed and instead of dark tobacco, light tobacco was used to make these cigarettes. The variety which was made using light tobacco was named as Gauloises Blondes.

Without exception all major cigarettes brands tried to exploit the First World War to promote their product, Gauloises did the same. So much so that due to its aggressive campaign smoking this brand was considered as patriotic and a symbol of French values.

Gauloises can also boast of having some famous followers, this includes many well known writers and artists and well known people of various other fields. Some of the famous smokers of this brand are Pablo Picasso, elite intellectuals like - Albert Camus, Jean Baudrillard and Jean Paul Sartre, and in music - Jim Morrison. Apart from these fields and people, George Orwell mentions that he smokes the brand in Down and Out in Paris and London; Henri Charrière, French author and convict, repeatedly references the smoking of Gauloises in his autobiography Papillon. You would also come across this brand in the works of many writers and artists: in stories written by Julio Cortázar and mainly set in Paris; Ian Fleming's hero, James Bond, smoked Gauloises; in John le Carré's book Smiley's People and Roman Polanski film The Tenant; and also Fictional Detective Sergeant Mort Cooperman smokes Gauloises in several mystery novels by Richard "Kinky" Friedman. Smoking Gauloises is also mentioned in the serial for teenagers Gossip Girl. This clearly shows the popularity of this brand.

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