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Anti-spam Policy

What is spam ?
Spam - unsolicited information, is something that you don't want, but get. The vast majority of spam is used for advertising. Usually is advertised any product or service, sometimes spam mailings are used to wrap the visits to site, sometimes spam mailings may contain viruses and / or Trojans. But all the spam has a common main goal - to bring some information to the greatest possible number of destinations at a minimal cost of money and time. has a zero-tolerance spam policy.

  1. The security of
    Your personal information is important to us. provides a high level of information and data security. We have automated spam filtering systems. We use computer systems, firewalls, our messaging systems automatically scan, and filter-out messages that seem to be spam. But NO message filtering system is 100% accurate. We constantly scan mailing lists. We check all the mailing lists according to the international standards. We do audit of all mailings to detect spam.

  2. We will never ask you to send us your password, your email or account information. We will never sell or provide personal data of our users to other organizations or third parties. In the case of receiving any messages with a request of your account data, please contact us immediately.

  3. What to do if you receipt any unwanted messages from In the unlikely event, if you will receive any unwanted message from, or some message sent using our systems that you consider to be spam, please contact us by email or unsubscribe from mailings and newsletters.

  4. We were never engaged in spamming, we don't send to our clients any marketing or promotional offers or advertisements, we have the service of unsubscribing, so any customer can easily unsubscribe from mailings and newsletters. We don't have affiliators or third parties that could benefit from our mailings and newsletters or violate the rights of our customers. Our mailings contain only information directly related with shipping and location of customer's parcels. As well as information about possible delays in deliveries.

  5. may amend this anti-spam policy at any time by publishing a new version on this website.

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Should you have any questions about this anti-spam policy, please contact by email.

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